Master Muriel, a native of São Paulo, Brazil, is a student from Master Suassuna's Academy. He has been training Capoeira for 23 years and has been teaching children and adults locally since founding CDO Atlanta in 2006. He travels the United States to participate in various workshops and international encounters, continuously learning and teaching about this diverse art.
and healthy community and body through the art of capoeria.

Cordao De Ouro Capoeira Atlanta Group.

Born in Minais Gerais, Brazil in 1974, Mestre Muriel Ribeiro began his study of capoeira at the age of 18. As with many capoeira beginners Mestre Muriel felt that he was not sufficiently coordinated or flexible in his first class. However, in his second class he noticed some small progress as his body began to understand the ways in which it was meant to move. In addition to these gradual increases in physical strength, little by little, Mestre Muriel gained the knowledge and experiences necessary to play capoeira.

After training in capoeira for one year, Mestre Muriel joined the academy at Cordão de Ouro in São Paulo where the founder of Cordão de Ouro Mestre Suassuna were important guides for his development. In addition to learning the game of capoeira, Mestre Muriel is also proficient in the berimbau, the fundamental instrument of capoeira and a skillful practitioner of the miudinho game developed by Mestre Suassuna. In 2004 Mestre Muriel graduated and received his cord and formal title as a Contra Mestre of Cordão de Ouro.

After  teaching and travelling extensively across the United States, Mestre Muriel decided to open his own academy settling in Atlanta in 2006. Under the leadership of Mestre Muriel, Cordão de Ouro Atlanta serves as a fertile training ground for the many lessons taught by capoeira. These lessons include physical training as well as mental and spiritual preparation to confront the challenges faced by each of us in day to day life. American students receive a cross-cultural experience as they learn the Portuguese language, the physical movements, musical instruments and philosophy of capoeira. Mestre Muriel’s philosophy is that capoeira is ultimately an instrument to make friends and to have a happy life.


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Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna is known best for starting the group Cordão de Ouro and for his captivating musicianship. Founded 1966 the group Cordão de Ouro in 1966 has continued to be an important name in the world of Capoeira.

Master Suassuna, as he is known, was born in Ilheus, Brazil in 1938. A capoeirista from adolescence, he was initially graduated in Itabuna, with Masters Sururu, Abine and Tonho Role. Subsequently he pursued various lines of Capoeira, being a student of Masters Valdemar, Canjiquinha and Bimba.

He  went to São Paulo, Brazil in 1965 with a mission to spread Capoeira as a folklore and sport. He was the founder of the first group of Capoeira in São Paulo, Brazil. In the beginning he had many difficulties due to the existing prejudices against Capoeira. The situation got better after it received approval and support from Brazil's state government. He was contracted to do demonstrations, and subsequently organized the first festival of Capoeira in the state of São Paulo to which he brought famous masters to the place Velha Guarda. From then on his academy has been very sought after, thousands of students are part of the group, spreading Capoeira throughout Brazil and abroad.