When you come to class you may notice that some students have colored cords around their waists. CDO Atlanta holds an annual event each year, known as a batizado where cords are awarded based on achievement after adequate training and sufficient knowledge. Our chord system is based on the original cordoas of Cordao de Ouro with the addition of preparation chords for those who are close but not quire ready to go to the next level.

1st Cord (Beginner)


Green/Yellow Preparation

pgreen/yello prep

2nd Cord


Yellow Preparation

yellow prep

3rd Chord


Blue/Yellow Preparation

blue/yellow prep

4th Cord (Graduado)

blue / yellow

Blue Preparation

Blue prep

5th Cord (Instructor)


6th Cord (Professor)



contra mestre

1st Level Mestre

mestre 1

2nd Level Mestre

mestre 2

3rd Level Mestre

mestre 3

Grand Mestre

grand mestre

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